Best Juicer With Updated Features And Awesomeness

Key features: Here is an another great addition of best slow juicers. As this juicer is not much updated as Omega VRT350 Low Speed Juicer but still this juicer does some great things. In fact, this juicer is one of our favorites. Though some little extra work you may have to do but this will not disappoint you. At a very affordable price you can own this masticating juicer where other will cost you more. Moreover, this juicer is the most versatile masticating juicer we have ever seen.

You can use this giant for a variety of purposes. Grinding coffee, spices, making baby food, extruding pasta or dough are it’s other perspectives. It weighs 20 lbs and has a powerful but slow rotating 150 watt motor. Usually two screens you will find in this juicer, one is the juicing screen which is used to separate the juice from the pulp and the other for extruding nut butter or pasta. It’s produce extremely dry pulp to ensure you to get the last drop out of fruits and vegetables.



  • Highly configured masticating juicer in an affordable price
  • Strong body ensures years of happy juicing
  • Slow rotation but firmly extract juice and create less noise
  • Less oxidation, great juice color and quality
  • Guaranteed untouched vitamins and enzymes
  • Very much productive, extracts the last drop pulp
  • Cleaning is not a matter of worry
  • Versatile juicer
  • Less noisy
  • Comes up with a 15 year of warranty


  • May be the price is high for some folks
  • Assembling would be hard


Simple Usage: The set-up is quite easy and straight forward. Before start juicing, you may have to take a brief view over the manual. However, this cold press juice machine requires some prep work to put the fruits pieces into the juicer. It’s not like a vertical juicer which can feed it self. The main point is it’ll cost you time!!!!!

Magnificent Juice: Elegant juice with nutrition, great taste and beautiful color. The natural color will verify the nutritional value of the juice that will come out from this juicer. Usually juice contains less pulp and bright color. Comparing to other masticating juicers, this juicer produces less foamy juice.

Less Oxidation: The main thing of this slow juicer to extract juice out of fruits and vegetables is an auger. The auger is very powerful and supported by a slow rotating 150-watt motor. The auger makes rotation at 80 RPM. This means juice doesn’t get in touch with air and the vitamins and enzymes remain intact.

Yield and Quality: In our test we found Omega J8006 has the highest rate in case of juicing greens and some fruits. In our kale test we got 15 oz juice out of 20 oz solid kale. The ratio is also well enough in case of soft fruits like orange. But the yield is not much satisfactory while juicing some vegetables such as carrots.

Easy assembling and cleaning: The Omega J8006 has lots of parts and different configurations but the setting up process is quite easy. You may have some problem to set the juice screen and the blank screen on their appropriate place, but its not a big deal. For cleaning you don’t have to worry. All the parts are dishwasher friendly. Juicing screen is smaller than centrifugal juicer and pulp removes from the auger quickly.

Multi-purpose: If you’re a person who loves to do experiments to invent new food items, you’ll be happy to have this cold press juice machine. You can make pasta, sorbet, ice-cream, different kinds of desserts, baby food , nut butter, grind coffee and spices along with juicing. But some may not work properly on this juicer. Like grinding coffee; this cold press juice machine can do this stuff but the grinding level is medium. It also leaves some oil so you have to clean your juicer completely before juicing.


Lots of parts: It’s true that the Omega J8006 has a lot of parts but if you get messed you can check the manual to put the parts at their right place.

Kind of pricey: This juicer is kind of expensive and you may consider before spending it. However, if you notice the features and the benefits, you will be tempted to have this juicer.


Big call, however this is often Omega’s best juicer, and is unquestionably one among the most effective masticating juicers on the market. If you like juicing and you’re not here to mess around (as in, you wish nice quality juice, each time) this is the only juicer for you. The avid juicing fan can realize the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer extraordinarily economical, reliable and all-around. With its widely-acclaimed high-energy, 2-stage masticating juice extraction mechanism, you will get high amount and quality of fantastic juice. What you need more, it comes armed with several alternative functionalists to form your quest after health easier a lot.