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Key features: Omega makes some fantastic juicers and the Omega J8004 certainly carries on with that tradition and is one of the best on the market. Before I get into the review of this model, let me just quickly explain difference between some of the Omega models. The J8004 model comes in white and the Omega J8006 model comes in black and chrome. That is the only difference between these two models; all of the other features are identical. The 8006 costs about $40 more than the 8004. So it’s really up to you whether you want to go with the chrome and black. It just depends on your personal taste and what best matches your kitchen decor. You can check the review of Omega J8006 to relate this juicer with the newer version.



  • Highly efficient
  • A long 15 year warranty
  • Slow and firm rotation makes sure great quality
  • Powerful motor spins the auger firmly
  • Drier Pulp
  • Quiet and versatile
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Great with leafy greens and soft fruits


  • Expensive
  • Narrow feed chute may require extra preparation


Getting the Job Done: Masticating juicers are more efficient and able to extract even more juice than a centrifugal juicer. The Omega J8004/J8006 is a masticating juicer. They also work better on sprouts and leafy greens. Plus you won’t have foamy juice as you can sometimes get with a centrifugal juicer due to the spinning process. Foamy juice creates oxidation which can destroy juice enzymes and reduce some of the health benefits of the juice. Triturating juicers are the most efficient of all of the models however they are also the most expensive.

Efficient: The Omega J8004 juicer is a masticating single gear model. So you’ll be able to juice just about any fruit or vegetable including wheat grass. The Omega models use a patented 2 phase juice screening system that filters out most of the pulp. They also use a patented specialized design that uses a juicing cone, extraction auger, and drum to maximize the juice produced. This system is able to produce 20% more juice than standard juicers and that juice will retain up to 60% more nutrients. Because of the specialized design and juicing process, the Omega 8004 is able to produce juice that holds its freshness and vitality for much longer than juice produced by standard juicers. You can store the juice that comes from your Omega juicer for up to 48 hours in the refrigerator. Most juice from other juicers deteriorates very quickly. You can tell when you see brown colored bubbles on the side of the glass when you’re drinking your juice that it’s not fresh anymore. You won’t see that as quickly with the juice coming from your Omega.

Versatile: I was really amazed at the number of different things you could do with this machine. You can make delicious sorbets using a variety of frozen fruits. I just love sorbet and it’s so much healthier than regular ice cream. You’ll also be able to make baby food, which I know will come in handy for many parents out there who don’t want to buy canned baby food. If you’re a peanut butter fan, which I am, then you’ll be glad to know that you can not only make your own peanut butter, but you’ll be able to make any kind of nut butter. I’ve heard that Macadamia nut butter is really good and creamy so I’ll have to give that one a try. Using an attachment that comes with the J8004 you can also create your own pasta. You can use your own ingredients here and even try infusing some vegetable juice into your pasta. I like buying spinach and tomato pasta at the store, so why not make your own.

Auto Pulp Removal: This is a real time saver. You can continue feeding ingredients into the Omega J8004 and not have to worry about cleaning out the pulp container or having it get jammed. The container also sits at the end of the machine and is clear so that you can easily see how full it is and dump it out when you need to.

Easy cleaning: This picture shows all of the parts of the Omega J8004. There are really only about a dozen parts and they all detach very easily. Most parts are dishwasher safe and very easy to clean by hand.

Quiet: As you can hear from the videos, this machine is very quiet. You can easily talk over it. This is typical of most masticating juicers because they don’t have to spin as fast as centrifugal juicers. And if you compare this juicer to your blender for example, the blender will sound like a jet fighter taking off when matched up to the juicer.


No Pulp Regulator: Some people like their juice really smooth and clear, whereas others like a little pulp in there. Some juicers have a knob that lets you automatically control the amount of pulp in the juice. You can’t do that with the J8004.

Kind of pricey: This amazing juicer can cost you a lot and you may consider it kind of pricey. But you got to admit the services it can provide you with.


Omega is very well known to manufacture best quality juicer and this one really a juicer to consider. With this juicer you can stay in juicing world for a long time and Omega J004’s features guaranty it. With its amazing energy and juice squeezing method you can get the highest yield rate and the best quality, which is very necessary to get the valuable nutrients. So, that would be the end of the complete review of Omega J8004 masticating juicer. Choose the right one and always juice.