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It's very clear that eating Fruits as the fibers which are in the fruits would be removed when we make fruit juices. Fresh and raw fruits will help your teeth to do some job and it would make them healthy too.

When we get a food that is in nature and refine it for making juicing, there are two results: Some ingredients get removed, the remaining parts become more concentrated. Both of these usually finish up being problematic.

In the case of juice, the thing that gets removed is fiber. The fiber that exists in whole fruit acts to balance the fructose that is available in the fruit. Fiber slows and to a certain extent stops the absorption of fructose.

The other thing that happens is what is left over becomes more concentrated. When you drink fruit juice you end up getting way more fructose than when you eat fruit. Fructose is digested exclusively in the liver which was never meant to handle the amount of fructose that we are now able to accept in such a short period of time. Too much fructose assimilated to quickly gets turned into fat, directing to fatty liver disease, visceral fat around the organs, obesity, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and so on.

But by choosing to drink cold pressed fruit juices, there are many benefits. They are easy in getting as nutrients of more than one fruit or vegetable can be mixed and got benefit of, also it is easy to carry along as well. Instead of eating the whole fruit, fresh fruit juices get easily digested in the body giving immediate energy and the juices made with cold press method only contain natural juices which aren't unsafe to the body. Everyone has a different choice with lifestyle and food habit. That's not to say that you never drink fruit juice but a single fruit can be sufficient. Also eating fruit will make your stomach help digest slowly. That means we will feel fuller for longer time which will help us to lose our weight. But for a glass of juice we have to get more fruits. No doubt fresh juice is vital source of immediate energy but as the juice is very concentrated and the sugar content is very high compared to whole fruit, a whole fruit is better than juice.