fruit or juice

Consuming fruits and vegetables in any way is considered a mean to remain healthy and lead to a sound life. However, there is a dispute among general people on whether to eat the whole fruit/vegetable or drink its juice. Experts believe that, eating the whole fruit has always an upper hand against drinking juice. Though it's true but the main motive of this article to give you an idea when to eat the whole fruit and when to drink juice.

Which way is healthier? To answer this question, we must know how and what are going to consume?

If you have an option to choose between one of these choices, always choose to eat the whole fruit. Generally, the whole fruit has fiber content along with natural sugar. On the other hand, fruit juice is full of sugar. The fiber content in natural fruit slows down the digestion of sugar. By this way you can lower the risk of diabetics and prevent to take more calories. It is also proven that, if you drink fruit juice you are actually taking more sugar than when you eat the whole fruit. Moreover, by not eating the whole fruit you are missing two key things; the skin and the pulp. The skin of a fruit contains natural nutrient that helps our body to remain nourished and the pulp contains flavonoids. Vitamin C and flavonoids work together in our body but when we squeeze the juice out of a fruit, we actually leave the flavonoids with the pulp and for this reason our vitamin shots remain incomplete. So, that's why we should eat fruit whenever we have the chance to choose one of these two ways.

Though eating the whole fruit can be a fun thing but what about veggies? We often see children tend to skip the part of eating vegetables during lunch and dinner. Even we always try to play hide and seek with these boring ingredients. But juicing could be a fun way to consume your daily vegetable quota. You can get the whole nutrients of a vegetable by just squeezing the juice out of it. Green juice often is said to lower your daily calorie intake and also popular to reduce cravings. Moreover, ginger with some green juices can also help you to reduce the tension between your muscles and remove your tiredness. You can also consider drinking juice in case of fruits if you have very less time to eat the whole fruit or if don't really don't like to eat.

In conclusion, fruit juice may be a convenient way to get the daily nutrition but eating the whole fruit can serve you with more benefits. For the veggies, juicing would a great way to consume if you feel they are boring to eat.