mistakes while juicing

Juice after food: If you're not a newbie, you maybe know that drinking green juice after or before eating something is good for nothing. The reason is, an empty stomach allows the bloodstream to consume all vitamins and minerals through the stomach lining. It is recommended to wait at least 2 hours before drinking any juice if you have eaten any food.

Waiting too long: Long time waiting before consuming your green juice will not bring you any benefits. Green juice usually contains a high level of vitamins and minerals. As soon as the vitamins and enzymes interact with air, they begin to degrade. By this, juice loses its nutritional value. So, you should drink your juice right after making it. Otherwise, if you have to preserve it for a time-being, you can do this with an airtight container, filling to the top, under a chilling temperature in order to preserve the nutrients and keep it away from bacteria. Hold on!!!! You can do this if you are using a slow rotating juicer or masticating juicer. Unless you can wait 15 minutes tops before drinking it.

Not using the right juicer: The perfect juicer means which can give you the best quality of juice without degrading its enzymes. You can consider the article we wrote about explaining which best cheap juicer can meet your expectation. Masticating and Centrifugal Juicers both have their own benefits and drawbacks. Centrifugal Juicers are great because they are fast and can extract a decent amount of juice but to store the juice to drink later you must use a Masticating Juicer. A Masticating juicer can provide you with high yield rate juice with rich quality. The single auger keeps the enzymes almost intact and the oxidation level is also low. That's why you can store you juice for up-to 72 hours. This kind of juicer rotates slowly and extract juice from vegetables and fruits with hampering the enzymes and nutrients. If you haven't got one that's Okay! It's like good for nothing but while buying any juicer we recommend putting your concentration on masticating juicers.

Fruit-Veggie ratio: It's not forbidden to drink apple or carrot juice. It's a matter when you use these sweet fruits a lot to prepare your healthy diet juice. These fruits not only contain nutrients but they also a great source of fructose. Fructose is nothing but a natural sugar, but it can cost you a lot. This kind of carbohydrate can easily increase your blood sugar level and stop weight losing process. So, it is wise to have only one sweet fruit with one serving.

Green juice instead of meals: A lot of people think that green juice may be a suitable replacement for daily meals. But they are wrong!! Green juice should be treated as a supplement to your healthy diet because it provides you sufficient amount of nutrients. It's also a fun way to consume green juice.

Repeating same greens: You should use a variety of greeneries for preparing your healthy juice. By this way, you can keep your body away from building up unhealthy levels of acids and also maintain a healthy balance of nutrients.

Fewer vegetables: Though vegetables are rich in vitamins, but some people think them boring. As a matter of this, the number of veggies gets decreased. It's not a wise idea. While juicing 70% of the juice should come from vegetables.

Timing: The main motive of drinking juice is to consume the vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetable. It is recommended to drink green juice when your body can fully metabolize it. So, the timing is totally up to you. However, in general, drinking juice in the morning can be more beneficial than drinking it in any other time. In the morning, the stomach remains empty and stays fully prepared to absorb anything you eat or drink. So, if you are in a dilemma of when to drink your juice, we would suggest drinking your heart healthy juice in the morning with an empty stomach.

Drinking juice in hurry:You can't just swallow your juice like a shot of dirty water. You should give some respect during drinking it. I know this sounds kind of funny! But this is the right thing to do. Sit tight, take small sips of juice each time and chew the little pieces in the juice. This will trigger your digestive enzymes and will help you to consume all the nutrients. Quickly drinking juice can affect your digestive system. So, sit in a comfortable place, be relaxed and enjoy your heart healthy juice.

Not using the organic produce: I know those are expensive, but you must admit they have more nutritional value than the conventional fruits and vegetables. The organic produces also contain less pesticide. Juicing with organic vegetables and fruits can owe to with big rewards if you can bear the extra costs. However, common freshies from supermarket are okay to use than not juicing at all. Make sure to wash them properly before juicing.

Not cleaning the juicer: Juicing is a cool way to remain motivated and active. That's why maybe we see people who frequently workout, tend to stick with juicing more than anyone. Cleaning is maybe the hardest part for you to do right after drinking your juice. Trust me, I used to have that problem. Juicers get sticky because of the natural sugar level presence inside the fruits. Even some vegetables' pulp may stick with the blade after juicing. It is wise to clean the juicer right after your juicing session. Leaving the cleaning part for long time may ended up juice smelly. To see how thoroughly you can clean your juicer read our article based on that.

Replacing with solid food: Often we see people to come to juicing world with a dream to lose weight. They think juicing may end up losing weight more quickly than anything. They stop eating any solid food and start to rely fully on juices. But sadly, that's not how it works. Juicing should be a supplement to your daily diet not a replacement. If you rely on juices too much you will put your body in long time starvation and this will stop your fat burning process. So, use juicing as a supplement to your diet and also eat solid food to remain healthy.

Too much dark greens: If you just starting juicing, go easy with dark greens like kale, broccoli, mustard greens, cabbage etc. These veggies are really strong and if they are not prepared well you may start disliking those. Try to use light greens at first. For example, cucumber, celery, spinach, artichoke or maybe a single leaf of kale. Get blend in with this flavor before moving out to the higher-end ones.

Quitting: The most important mistake newcomers do. They get excited with juicing. First couple of weeks they make terrible juice, become depressed because of the taste and stop juicing eventually. For the newcomers, I would say to follow some recipes that have your favorite ingredients in it. Along with that, try to create your own signature juice recipe that you will love to drink often. You will make mistakes and sometimes it may taste like terrible. But learn from those mistakes and work on them. If you juicing become a habit, things will get more easy than it was at the beginning.