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Juice or blender could be damaged if it is not regularly cleaned. So, we have to take care of Blender or Juicer after use. Some tips to keep your juicer or blender machine good for a long time.

If you smell bad inside the juicer or blender, place one tablespoon of lemon juice in it with a cup of water. Wash after a while.

Keep these things out of reach of children. It should also be kept out of the fire.

Pour liquid soap into the piece of foam, and then rub it softly. It will not make any kind of mark on blender.

Various types of liquid soap are available in the market nowadays. You can clear the juicer or blender with these liquids. After using blender or juicer, wash it properly in clean water.

To get fruit juice with a blender, it is usually blended with fruit, ice, sugar etc. together. Fruit peel is not different here. It is blended with fruit extract. So, if you have any kind of hard parts of peel, then immediately clean it.

The fruit extract of juicer falls on one side and the fruit peel is on the other side. Carefully turn on the juicer after putting any kind of fruit into it because if the switch is out of order once, you have to suffer with it.

Be careful not to enter water in its surface since the juice or blender is an electric appliance. If you use it for a long time, the motor can burn. So, after five minutes use, give a little break.