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One of our many useful instruments is blender, mixer or juicer. Whether it is used or not, after a few days of buying, it seems that the sharpness is not the same as before. It has gone a lot. In most cases, blades are not able to open from the blender machine, so the method for sharpening the blender's blade is slightly different. We suggest two easy ways to sharpen Blender's old blades again.

First way: You need only bit salt to sharpen blender blades. Blend the pieces of bit salt. Do not take too much salt - take a little bit. Blend it at a low speed. Take a very little time to blind it. Switch it off. Thus, you can get the sharpness back using the bit salt at your home. It is noteworthy that if you take a bit of salt in blender, it will make some sound.

Second way: At home we have eggs and put the egg shells in the bin. But it can also help us in many domestic jobs. The sharpness of a blender's blade can be returned using these egg shells. How so? Wash the egg shells after having eggs every day and dry it. Mix 2-3 cups of egg shell with half a cup of water and blend well with blender. Blend in such a way that the egg shells become crushed. Now drop the blended egg shells, wash the blender properly, dry it again and use it again - you will see a good result.